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i just woke up from a horrible dream ._.

the scary part started when i was at my grandma's and i wasn't sure how i got there. my aunt june was there, though. i was having stomach pains in my lower right stomach (which happened IRL which is why i dreamed of it, i guess.) apparently, i found these pills in a package on the ground and i had taken them. i guess i  thought they were diet pills, so i took them to ease the pain and it made everything so much worse.

my vision got lighter hued and it was like red and orange and blurry as if i was on drugs or something. i was talking to my grandma and my aunt and they were talking about rain or something, and i kept telling them it was just the piano keys. (i fell asleep listening to Yiruma, a korean piano composer) and they were telling me it was just rain. and i started talking about this dog on a table. and i talked about it a few times and my grandma and aunt june were weird about it. i got mad and i was like sweating and going crazy, i was like "IS THE FUCKING DOG REALLY THERE OR NOT?!" and my grandma's like "there isn't any dog there." and i start FREAKING out.

i was yelling about where my mom was and my grandma was just like, "why are you yelling??" and got all angry at me. i ran out of the front door of the house and around to the back side of the house where my aunt june lived (they used to live in the same house) and as i got to the sidewalky part, it got really hard to move, so I just crawled. and my grandma came up behind me and yelled at me for crawling on the ground, so i got up and eventually made it to the door. there was some guy coming up behind me, i forget what he said but it was something completely normal and i panicked. i had like a band-aid or something and i threw it and ran away from him. i suddenly felt like he was after me, but it was just my paranoia, i guessed. i think he tried chasing me, but i ran the wrong way and then went back the right way, and these two other guys were there too, they were a lot younger like my age.

i shut my grandma's door and i stared at them through her front door and they told me to stop crying, and i shouldn't be scared, stuff like that. my grandma got pissed at me causing a scene and made me shut the door completely and started yelling at me, likie grabbing my shoulders and screaming. for a minute i zone out, because i notice there really is no dog on the table, it's a doll of a dog that's on some dresser. and i'm like "wait.. i really am hallucinating..."

i start feeling weird, like sick to my stomach and the room is spinning, everything's still blurry and red and slow-motion and she's screaming still, i start crying more hysterically and telling her that i took pills i found on the ground earlier to help with my pain and i thought they were diet pills. she got mad and all this nonsense, and then there was a knock at the door. i was crying and hysterical and i saw my mom through the window, and my grandma opened it and my mom was standing there. my grandma was yelling about me and i was crying, and my mom looked scared. i noticed that next to her was some gangster black guy in a long red shirt and jeans and a small afro and he was crying. he had a gun in his hand and  pointed it at me, and pulled the trigger before i even knew what was going on. and then i woke up.

i'm like.. terrified right now.
Tags: bad dream, nightmare
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