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so, i finally have a new layout.
once again, nothing much has been happening.
i go to a therapy tomorrow, and then i'm probably going over oskar's.
i haven't done ONE summery thing yet this summer.
i'm hidden away in my room like a hermit. -.-

i am the most inconsistant person i know. -huff-
i'm going to look for howl's moving castle in ebook form.
and put it in my new ebook~! :D
(which isn't in fact new, but Steve gave me his old one. which is better than anything i could afford. XD)

-goes to look-

i found ittt.
but like.
i don't have a cable to connect the ebook to my pc.

everyone should go listen to "a dangerous man" by foxy shazam. :D 
Tags: boring summer, ebook, foxy shazam
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